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BPI offers its clients various forms of financing, including personal credit. In this type of loan, the client can choose to choose a non-purpose, another targeted for investment in training or even a loan to buy a vehicle.


 Personal loan


 BPI personal loan


This personal loan is a flexible financing for any kind of purpose. With a minimum amount of € 1,000 and a maximum of € 75,000, the payment term may vary between 18 and 120 months, allowing the client to pay lower benefits if he so wishes.

To request this loan, it is not necessary for the client to have an account open at BPI, and the financed amount is transferred to the client’s current account. In addition, it is still possible to transfer the personal credit held by the consumer to that of BPI, so that it can receive better interest rates.

The BPI personal credit obliged to take out life insurance, which will ensure payment of outstanding capital in cases of death or absolute and definitive disability of insured individuals. The client may, however, opt to also subscribe to the credit protection insurance that guarantees the reimbursement of benefits in case of absolute temporary incapacity due to accident, illness, hospitalization, involuntary unemployment and arrears.


Training credit


 BPI training credit


An exclusive loan for clients who need funding for undergraduate, graduate, master’s or doctoral courses, both in Portugal and abroad. In this way, the client does not have to worry about paying tuition fees or expenses related to their training (computers or other computer equipment, trips, stays or didactic material).

The BPI formation credit has financing amounts between € 1,000 and € 75,000, allowing total or partial amortization of the amount owed without any associated costs. In addition, the term of payment can reach the 10 years, which allows to avoid that the payment of the loan becomes a burden too heavy.

The consumer may also benefit from a phased use of the amount, with the tranching of at least € 450. This phase of capital is allowed if the customer opts for a capital shortage for a period of 12 months or a multiple of 12 months, and the maximum term corresponds to the duration of the course plus six months, with a maximum limit of 60 months.


Car loans


 BPI car loans

For new or used vehicles, the customer may opt for the credit with reservation of ownership. In this case, the vehicle is from the beginning in the name of the consumer and the contract is made with a vehicle ownership reserve in favor of BPI. The minimum funding is € 2,500 and the payment term can vary between 12 and 96 months.

Leasing is another form of BPI automobile credit. This is exclusive for the purchase of new vehicles and the customer may choose to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract. The payment term varies between 12 and 96 months, the minimum loan amount is 5,000 € and it is possible to opt for a residual value of up to 15%.

Finally, the consumer can still choose to buy his new vehicle through the long-term rental (ALD), in which he will keep the vehicle in his name. In this mode there are two options: reduce the monthly installments and pay the rest at the end or pay the car during the term of the contract. The payment plan and the assignment of contractual position is also possible during the term of the credit agreement.

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