Personal Loans 2019: Opinions and Quote for the Loan


We analyze the personal loans offered by Unipol Banca for 2019. Everything you need to know about this product, with the main features, the required requirements and the amount that can be requested. We will also take a look at the opinions of customers, as well as find out how to request a free quote for the “Presto” loan from Unipol Banca.

 Personal Loans: requirements, amount that can be requested and duration


Unipol Banca offers its customers various forms of financing for any type of requirement. In this article we will deal in particular with personal loans, which are aimed at individuals and can have the most disparate purposes. Precisely this is the reason why this type of financing is the one most in demand. If you are interested in personal loans , Unipol Banca offers its customers the “Presto” loan . As can be guessed from the name of this product, a key feature is the speed of delivery. The financing is presented to us on the bank’s website, starting from its purpose. As in the definition of personal loan, in this case too it is a non-finalized loan, which can therefore be used to renovate the house, buy a car or a motorcycle, buy furniture, electronic objects, organize trips and so on. . In any case it will not be necessary to present any proof of expenditure to access the desired financing.

A fundamental aspect for choosing the ideal product for our needs is obviously the amount that can be requested . The “Presto” loan from Unipol Banca allows us to request a sum of money up to 30000 euros , which we can define as the “classic” threshold for personal loans. Another very important aspect concerns the possibility of customizing the loan according to one’s needs. With the financing offered by Unipol Banca this is possible, in fact at the time of the request we will have to specify the duration we prefer among those available. Obviously, based on the duration of our repayment plan and the amount we will request, the economic conditions of the personal loan created for us will be defined. In particular, interest rates will be defined, which will remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan, and consequently also the repayment installment which must be paid monthly.

Who can apply for the “Presto” personal loan from Unipol Banca? As always it is important to see what the requisites are, to know if you can access or not the desired financing. In this case we can safely say that the clientele to which this form of financing is addressed is quite wide. As always, they can make the request for a personal loan without any particular problems, all employees and pensioners, who will simply have to present their pay slip or pension slip . With regards to employees with a fixed-term contract, the only restriction set by the bank is that the expiry date of the contract must be later than the date on which the last repayment installment is to be paid. Obviously in order to get the loan we need we will also need to receive a monthly income that allows us to face the fixed repayment rate.

With regards to those without payroll , the alternative guarantee that is accepted by Unipol Banca in order to still have access to the personal loan “Presto” is the tax return . Therefore this product is also aimed at self-employed workers. Those who, as always, encounter major problems when applying for any kind of funding are the unemployed , precisely because they have no income document to present. In this case the only solution is to present a guarantor who receives a salary or a pension and who will have to guarantee in our place. The bank will thus be protected as if the loan recipient is unable to pay the agreed installments these will have to be paid by the guarantor.

How to request a free quote for the loan 

How to request a free quote for the "Presto" loan 


If you are looking for a personal loan and have already read other reviews of some products on our site then you already know what the recurring advice we give to our readers: request a quote from different companies in order to find the ideal product for you. This is because the absolute best loan does not exist, given that every type of loan is created with the aim of satisfying one or more specific needs . So even for the Unipol Banca loan “Presto” let’s see how you can request a completely free quote to know the monthly repayment rate and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates . Unlike other banks and financial institutions, on the Unipol Banca website we do not have the simulator available to use even without being registered.

So how do you request a free quote for the Unipol Banca personal loan? There are two alternative ways to proceed. The first possibility is to proceed with the online quote calculation . To do this you need to be a bank customer and have activated the Internet Banking service . This service offers the customer the ability to access various services that can be very useful. Among these there is the online estimate calculation, which allows us to know the monthly installment and the interest rates that will determine the cost of our financing. Therefore, to calculate the budget it will be sufficient to access your personal area using your credentials. Then simply enter the amount you are interested in and the duration you want to set.

Alternatively, to request a free quote, it is always possible to go to one of the Unipol Banca branches located throughout Italy. On the bank’s website it is possible to find the branch closest to our home through the special search service . In addition, for each branch there is the telephone number that we can use to make an appointment with a consultant. In this way, therefore, we can choose the date and time we prefer. When we go to the branch we will have the possibility to have a direct contact with the bank: the consultant will be able to listen to our requests and will be able to present us with the best loan offers that satisfy our needs. Furthermore, the estimate that will be presented to us will be extremely detailed, given that interest rates will also be set based on the guarantees we will be able to provide. In the event that the estimate is actually convenient for us, we will therefore be able to proceed immediately with the request for the Unipol Banca personal loan. Once the request has been made, this will be evaluated as soon as possible, and in the event of a positive outcome, the amount requested will be paid by bank transfer to our current account.


Customer opinions  Loans: delivery times and service quality


Customer opinions  Loans: delivery times and service quality


To conclude our analysis of Unipol Banca loans, it is also important to take a look at the opinions published online by customers who received these loans before us. To do this we visited some of the main sector forums, in order to be able to evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses that these funds can have. In general we can say that customers are definitely satisfied with the treatment received from Unipol Banca . There are several aspects that are highlighted in the reviews published by users. The aspect on which they all agree is what somehow gives its name to the personal loan Unipol Banca. The “Presto” loan is in fact a very fast loan , and this is without doubt a feature much appreciated by customers who often have a certain urgency in having to receive the money they require.

Another fundamental aspect is that of convenience . Here, unlike delivery times, there is no unanimous idea on the part of Unipol Banca customers. From the reviews that we have read, however, there emerges a clear majority of users who consider this product as one of the cheapest in circulation , with decidedly competitive interest rates. As we have already said, however, these rates depend on various factors such as the duration we set and above all the guarantees we are able to provide to the bank . Some customers therefore argue that the interest rates applied are too high, but we cannot know what the specific situation is. In general, however, it is always better to request a quote to evaluate if for your needs there are better products than the Unipol Banca loan, which in any case seems to be among the best from the customers’ opinions.

From the point of view of service quality and customer service availability, there are only positive reviews . The bank’s consultants are very well prepared and available for any type of request. Furthermore , customer service is very efficient , thanks to the different communication channels that can be used to receive information. In addition to the toll-free number 800 112114 a very useful service, as pointed out by customers in different opinions, is that of Live Chat . Thanks to this we will be able to contact a bank consultant who will answer us within a few minutes. Furthermore, through the Unipol Banca website it is possible to write a message to be contacted . Therefore, customers who have received a “Presto” loan recommend it both for the quality of the service offered and for the convenience of the product.

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